Personalized pricing for online retailers

The biggest challenge of online stores is keeping their clients loyal and have them purchasing again. Personalized pricing offer a solution for this, providing continuous, but changing price discounts to their buyers. Such discounts are attractive for customers because they realize their shopping activities being rewarded. Also good for retailers who can increase the return rate of their buyers, increasing their turnover and profit.

Big data pricing for corporations

Analysis of unstructured data of large volume with the goal of optimizing pricing for a medium-size or large company.


Our partners: Nextent and Webb and Flow

Pricing methodology consulting

Design and optimization of B2C and B2B pricing for the benefit of best offers to customers, using the tools of mathematical modelling, personalized pricing, dynamic pricing, web scraping, and price comparison.

Customer segmentation with data analytics

Analysis of client databases and setting up customer segments to help marketing strategy development and setting up goals. Analyzing customer history, purchasing transactions, their value and frequency, and also individual price sensitivity. Recommending different marketing actions to different segments.


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