About Us

DAPNER Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2013 as a family business, focusing mainly on IT, data analytics and marketing solutions. Our key area is pricing  for online stores, personalized pricing solutions, and related marketing and data analysis consultancy.


We also deal with IT strategy consulting, IT education, web design, as well as   development of mobile applications and price history websites. In addition, we have also launched several startups, including the PalPrices.com website, which predicts travel budgets in a unique way, and the TAG moblie app that supports content creators by affiliate marketing income.

Who we are

The three founders of DAPNER are:

Pal Danyi, PhD, who has over 25 years of experience in the IT and marketing fields, ranging from strategy making to CRM systems, from data analytics to pricing, from system and software development to audit of IT systems effectiveness and security.

Anna Danyi owns three degrees, incl. BSc in Economics (specializing in tourism) from the Corvinus University, and MSc in Psychology from the Leiden University in the Netherlands. She lives in the Hague.

Andras Danyi is currently a final year student at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow, UK, graduating in marketing and entrepreneurship.


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